Actor Orlando Brown Claims He’s Been Intimate With Rapper Bow Wow, Says Rapper Has That ‘Good Good’ – Check Out His History Of Creating Stories

Actor Orlando Brown Claims He’s Been Intimate With Rapper Bow Wow, Says Rapper Has That ‘Good Good’ – Check Out His History Of Creating Stories

Orlando Brown is another child star lost to the darkness of Hollywood. The That’s So Raven star has been on a strange spiral for years now, with several interviews and social media posts going viral for the wrong reasons.

Brown got his start at a very young age, playing Cadet Kevin “Tiger” Dunne in Major Payne. He then scored a role in Family Matters as 3J and did some voice acting for Waynehead and The Proud Family. Most people know him as Eddie from the Disney Channel series That’s So Raven.


The Los Angeles Native would fade from the spotlight following the show wrapping and began popping up all over the place, acting erratically. Substances and legal issues started to follow, and he eventually began spreading stories about him Raven-Symone’s personal relationship.

According to Orlando, he and Raven had an intimate connection, and he rapped about it graphically in a song. The actor discussed it further with VladTV a few years ago in the awkwardly funny moment when he used the lyrics to Hanson’s “MMMbop” to describe what they did together. he would later get a tattoo of her on his neck.

Orlando would go on to tell many strange and embellished stories about his fellow child stars and other people from Hollywood. According to Brown, he was also involved with Nick Cannon. In 2020, Orlando Brown claimed he and Cannon were intimate while the actor dressed as a woman. This all took place while he was roaming his local grocery star, rambling into his phone.

He can be heard saying, “You want me to tell everybody? You want me to let everybody know what happened?” Before making the admission that was later dispelled by Cannon. Cannon told VladTV, “I wanted to joke and laugh with it so much more, but that brother is truly in pain and crying out. We used to laugh with him now we’re laughing at him.”

Brown continued his shocking “confessions,” later accusing Will Smith of being inappropriate with him when he was younger. He goes a step further and says that Will Smith also did this to his children. Brown also calls himself Trent in the video and claims to be one of Will Smith’s children. In the same video, he also accused Michael Jackson of the same offense.

Orlando seemed to be on track to recovery following an intervention by Dr. Phil. During their discussion, Orlando admitted to previous drug use and mental issues. The actor then sought help in religion and joined a church where he made a speech in 2020 about his journey. “My name is Orlando Brown. You may know me from a little show from back in the day called ‘That’s So Raven,’” he said. “I went through a lot […] I didn’t know what I was doing. I was addicted to the internet. All kinds of stuff.”

Brown says he joined the church at the request of his fiance. “My fiancée told me about this place, and when I came, it was amazing. I had a blast. These brothers accepted me for who I am. Church is lovely. All the leaders are brilliant. They’re geniuses and men of God.” It seemed like things were going on an upward trajectory for the father of one.

Brown is back off his meds, apparently, and his latest target is Bow Wow. In an interview with Funny Marco, Brown makes allegations that he’s been with Bow Wow as well. More explicitly, he commented on his alleged experience, claiming the rapper had that [good good]. The interviewer was shocked immediately, and the internet joined him in their confusion.

Bow Wow is not here for the insanity and told fans, “since when legends go to speak on [mess]?” He goes on to let everyone know he’s super busy filming a television show and prepping for a sold-out show at the o2 Arena. “Ima 35 yr old father, I don’t play them type games.”Who do you think Orlando will attack next?

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