Tyler James Williams Diagnosed With Crohn’s Disease: They Removed Six Inches Of My Small Intestine

Tyler James Williams Diagnosed With Crohn’s Disease: They Removed Six Inches Of My Small Intestine

Actor Tyler James Williams is currently on the moon with his recent accomplishments. But even amid his highs, the actor has faced incredible lows. Many fans are unaware that he’s currently dealing with Crohn’s disease. So, moving forward, how will the diagnosis affect his career?

Tyler James Williams comes from a highly gifted family. His younger brothers are also famous actors, and his parents used to sing as background for artists like Patti Labelle and Luther Vandross. At just four years old, Tyler James Williams made his debut as an actor. He was cast on Saturday Night Live for a minor role in a 1999 sketch with Jack Black.


In 2000, the New York native landed a role in Sesame Street and a recurring role in Nickelodeon’s Little Bill.But Tyler James Williams’s breakthrough role came in 2005 when he became the star of UPN’s Everybody Hates Chris. At 13 years old, the child star led the show among other heavyweights like Martin’s Tichina Arnold and Terry Crews.

Everybody Hates Chris achieved a run of four seasons on television until 2009. The series became nominated for many awards, including a Golden Globe, People’s Choice Award, and several Emmys. In addition, it garnered multiple NAACP Image Awards, winning three overall. In a since-deleted tweet, Tyler James Williams wrote that he was “forever grateful” for the show as it “kickstarted [his] and several other careers of very talented people,” as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

Once Everybody Hates Chris went off-air, Tyler James Williams appeared in a few television shows like True Jackson, VP, and House. He also starred alongside CoCo Jones in the Disney Channel film Let It Shine in 2012.   Tyler James Williams also began to experience success in film. He starred in movies like Tyler Perry Presents Peeples, the critically acclaimed Dear White People, and Detroit. He’d also gained a significant role in The Walking Dead. But the actor soon began to experience symptoms in 2017 that brought things to a halt.

According to the actor, he’d begun to experience weekly flare-ups around 19. But when he got to age 22, they escalated to daily attacks. Tyler James Williams shared that doctors couldn’t put a name to the symptoms he’d been facing. Some thought he was simply “lactose intolerant,” as he told the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation. Eventually, he found that he’d been suffering from Crohn’s disease.

According to MayoClinic.Org, Crohn’s disease is “a type of inflammatory bowel disease (that) causes inflammation of your digestive tract.” These complications can cause issues such as “abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, fatigue, weight loss, and malnutrition.” “People are living with this every day,” said Tyler James Williams. “And for anybody that knows anybody who has Crohn’s disease or Colitis knows that it is not a pretty disease at all.” Furthermore, he describes it as a “very difficult beast to tackle.”

Tyler James Williams tried to push through with various projects he’d committed to. However, complications with the disease escalated in 2017, and he had to undergo emergency surgery. James Williams recalled surgeons removing approximately six inches of his small intestine due to extensive scarring. After that, he thought all was well, but the actor shared that it was “just the beginning” of his troubles.

In a few weeks, Tyler James Williams was severely underweight and began to “violently vibrate” and “shake uncontrollably.” Due to the damage that was there before, the actor’s intestine had a split that was unable to heal itself. As a result, he was again admitted into emergency surgery. Tyler James Williams said he was then “forced to sit down” to recuperate. In just three short months, he’d lost 40 pounds, he said.    But Tyler James Williams gave massive credit to his family for helping him in the “difficult” process. “It can’t be easy to watch,” he said, adding that it “wasn’t easy to live.”

As Tyler James Williams nears his 30th birthday in October, it appears that things have been on an upswing. First, he was cast in one of the leading roles in ABC’s short-lived Whiskey Cavalier in 2019. Then in 2021, the actor joined a riveting cast led by Andra Day for the Billie Holiday biopic, The United States vs. Billie Holiday, directed by Lee Daniels. That same year, he’d also star in Abbott Elementary, the breakthrough sitcom by Quinta Brunson. Tyler James Williams is also celebrating his first Primetime Emmy Award nomination.

The actor expressed his joy after hearing the news on his Instagram. “Been trying to find the words all morning. All I’ve got is : Honored,” wrote Tyler James Williams.

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